Sunday, March 4, 2012

Interview Ready: An Opportunity for Self-Expression

shirt-buffalo exchange ($8)  /  belt- buffalo exchange ($5)  /  khaki- buffalo exchange ($16)                      watch ($15)  /  shoes- thrift store ($5)  /  bracelet- handmade (free!)

Today, I have an exciting interview for a position as contributing editor with a men's fashion and lifestyle magazine!

So, of course I had to put an outfit together that was both appropriate for an interview, but also representative of my aesthetic.

I started out with a blue pin stripe shirt that has a really cool collar detail (the whole collar trend is a favorite of mine at the moment).

Then, instead of pairing my shirt with regular khakis, I opted for this colored alternative. I feel that this deep maroon shade is colorful enough to add interest to an outfit but not so loud that it's distracting (I definitely don't want my colored pants to be the only impression I leave during the interview).

I finished off the look with some easy tan oxford shoes (it's best way to spruce up any look) and a couple accessories: a grey stretch belt with a leather detail, a black and gold watch, and a hand made bracelet.

I hope it goes to show that the key to a successful outfit, regardless of the occasion, is bringing forth your own personal style by celebrating your individuality and allowing your selection in apparel to be an opportunity for self-expression!