Monday, June 4, 2012

Aloha: Say Hello to the Hawaiian Print

I wrote an article a while back about the Hawaiian print trend that's emerged this summer, but it wasn't until recently that I bought my first ever Hawaiian shirt. It's unbelievable the variety of prints there are out there and after careful searching, I finally settled on this white and blue floral pattern. 

I can already tell I'm going to have a lot of fun trying to pair this with other things in my wardrobe.

P.S. you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get on the Hawaiian bandwagon. I purchased this shirt for only $3 at my local thrift store!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Knit, Shorts, & Boots

Can't believe that this is the first blog post I've done since being on summer vacation!

I decided I would feature one of my favorite pieces; this olive chunky knit sweater. I know what you're thinking. Who wears a sweater during the summer? Well, why not? Sweaters don't have to be stuffy and wearing them year round gives your wardrobe more flexibility. To balance out the look, I decided to wear these black denim shorts (more summer appropriate, right?) Finally, I hardly go anywhere without my favorite tan dessert boots. They are getting so worn, but I feel like they've gotten better with age and I love their neutral color because it's easy to pair them with anything.

So, go deep into your closet and pull out a sweater. Your tank tops could use a small break anyways.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Black, Brown, and Spotted

Brown Bow Tie ($8--Mars) / Polka-Dot Shirt ($17 Buffalo) / (Black Trouser ($14 Buffalo)

Something is happening. I think I'm growing obsessed with polka dots. Last night I had a banquet to go to and I needed something to wear. As soon as I was about to give up, I found this great black and white polka-dot shirt. It's by gxg 1978 and apparently it's a sample that was never released (i'm assuming that means it hasn't been mass produced). 

At any rate, I think this shirt has just the right amount of quirk and class. I paired it with a neutral brown bow tie because I didn't want it to compete with the polka-dots. For the bottom, I kept it simple with a black pair of trousers and some brown Italian loafers. I also decided to go sockless to stay in a similar language with this short sleeve shirt.

I can already tell this shirt is going to fit in perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Neutrals: Polka Dots & Leather

I'm slightly obsessed with collared shirts. They're just as easy to wear as any t-shirt but a lot more versatile. Here, I've dressed my grey micro polka dot collared shirt  down with some black denim pants and lace up boots (both from crossroads trading co.). The glasses are from Mark Ecko.

BUT what I'm most excited about in this outfit is my new brown leather BAG! I found it at a swap meet while spending time with my family during Easter weekend. It's huge and fits all of my school school stuff. The best part is that it only cost me $3, making it quite easily one of my greatest style finds so far :)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Backyard Fun

In honor of my wonderful visit home, I decided to pay homage to what seems like the constant pseudo summer climate which graces SoCal.

Complete with black cutoff jean shorts, a re-purposed over-sized white tee turned retro tank, and some high-top denim kicks, I was ready for a day of sun to work on my not-so-subtle tan lines.

Also, check out my new frames! Don't they say "Look, I'm intellectual, but I also like to have fun"?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dressing Up Your Stripes

tweed blazer- (vintage) / striped shirt- (Foreign Exchange) / khakis- (Buffalo Exchange) / 
braided belt- (F21) / watch- (Casio) / clock necklace- (ASOS) / boots- (F21)

It's no secret I'm IN LOVE with stripes. Today, I decided to dress some of my stripes up with a tweed blazer, some khakis, my favorite pair of boots and a couple of accessories.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Interview Ready: An Opportunity for Self-Expression

shirt-buffalo exchange ($8)  /  belt- buffalo exchange ($5)  /  khaki- buffalo exchange ($16)                      watch ($15)  /  shoes- thrift store ($5)  /  bracelet- handmade (free!)

Today, I have an exciting interview for a position as contributing editor with a men's fashion and lifestyle magazine!

So, of course I had to put an outfit together that was both appropriate for an interview, but also representative of my aesthetic.

I started out with a blue pin stripe shirt that has a really cool collar detail (the whole collar trend is a favorite of mine at the moment).

Then, instead of pairing my shirt with regular khakis, I opted for this colored alternative. I feel that this deep maroon shade is colorful enough to add interest to an outfit but not so loud that it's distracting (I definitely don't want my colored pants to be the only impression I leave during the interview).

I finished off the look with some easy tan oxford shoes (it's best way to spruce up any look) and a couple accessories: a grey stretch belt with a leather detail, a black and gold watch, and a hand made bracelet.

I hope it goes to show that the key to a successful outfit, regardless of the occasion, is bringing forth your own personal style by celebrating your individuality and allowing your selection in apparel to be an opportunity for self-expression!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Casual

Woke up this morning feeling inspired by the weather which has been beautiful lately.

I decided that a sunny day calls for a sunny look.

The Breakdown:
Grey v-neck (tucked in)
Dark denim jean.
Brown loafers + light green socks.
Topped off with a fedora.

voilĂ !

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sleeves Aren't the only thing you can ROLL UP

Rolling up your sleeves is commonplace, whether you are in the office or out working in the heat. However, I'v noted a sort of equestrian trend recently involving rolled up pant cuffs and not just enough so that your pants don't drag against the floor, but well above the ankle. The outcome is similar to capri cut pants, but with more flexibility to roll the cuff up or down. 

I think it's a really nice way to highlight a high top shoe such as the boots I'm wearing above. It might also be an interesting way to introduce a colored or patterned sock

FYI: This blazer/coat is one of my favorite pieces...bought it at the thrift store for under $5! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

COLOR blocking

Today, I woke up to a bright and sunny day...So, I decided I should wear a bright color! Shown above is a shirt I actually stole from my father. Not quite sure where he got this bright orange shirt, but I love it. Then I paired it with my favorite dark denim jacket and a neutral trouser and shoe. 

It's my stab at COLOR blocking since I know the spring season is approaching!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Light & Simple Day Look

Took advantage of the little sun there was out today to deconstruct some of the layers I'm normally found in. The result was a simple day look:

Black and white checkered button up.
Tan colored corduroy trousers.
My favorite round frame sunglasses.
Some cherry mahogany oxfords which I "tricked out" with blue laces...haha
And finally a canvas bag

Tomorrow I will undoubtedly need to go back to layering in light of the chilly weather we have in Berkeley, but it's nice to unwind and lighten up sometimes.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


My idea of Friday night: Simultaneously practicing my penmanship while creating a custom canvas bag.

So easy!
CANT WAIT to put this bag to use :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

WISE Style: Marked by the Path of Our Elders

Anytime I go out, I'm always interested in what other people are wearing. There's a broad spectrum of style choices out there, but one thing that I am commonly drawn to is the clothing that older people wear (not all older people of course). After all, many "contemporary" trends in fashion are a nod to yesteryear.

Case in point: I came across the man photographed above at a local swap meat. I'm not sure if he was a vendor or a customer near the stand he was located, but I am sure that his JACKET is pretty spiffy.

Sure, it's a bit excessive (combining two trends in a single piece: both denim and what I refer to as the native american pattern trend), but clearly it represents a high degree of style.

And there's no doubt in my mind that this jacket is probably older than me (20 yrs).

Clearly, we should both listen and take notice of our elders. We are marked by the paths that they have already driven...both in life AND in fashion.