Friday, December 30, 2011

Shorts and Simple

If you have the good fortune of living in a place that is relatively sunny year round like So Cal, then you have the delight of being able to wear shorts....and not just to work out. 

I like to go with a well fitted pair of shorts like the ones shown above...anything significantly wider than your legs (like baggy board shorts) tends to produce a weird proportion. 
Then, I like to contrast casual shorts with something a little more formal like a button up shirt and a pair of loafers.

There it is! 
Short, simple, and perfect for a day of sun.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trendy NOT Spendy: $14 Look

I never compromise a major hit to my wallet for fashion, but that doesn't mean I settle for looking dull or limiting my style choices. I recently went to my local thrift store and was able to put something together for only $14.

Let me break it down:

To start off I found a nice charcoal colored suede button up shirt for only $2.
My terracotta colored v-neck is from forever 21 and it was $6.
I like pairing a neutral color with something bright as an accent.
To finish off the look I found some dark blue free world jeans, also for $2
A pair of black round frame sun glasses ($1).
AND finally my favorite purchase of that day, chocolate brown suede loafers which were $3


Monday, December 12, 2011

POP your C O L L A R

 So I've seen a big trend with collars lately and letting them be more of a focal point in an outfit. So, I decided I'd give it a try. I took my basic black v-neck (I think everyone should own one) and wore it over one of my favorite shortsleeve collared button-ups. Then I rolled up the sleeves  to show a bit more of the undershirt. This allows a nice trim of color around the collar and arms.

The rest of the outfit remains simple....kind of (I had fun with it): Black shorts. Long black socks. Loafer shoes.  Round framed glasses AND my latest pork pie hat (because I said I'd make a post that incorporated it).

There you have it. It's fun and easy to POP YOUR COLLAR.                

Thursday, December 8, 2011

HAT delivery

Just wanted to do a quick post about my new HAT that was delivered today. Its a black and taupe "pork pie hat" (weird name right?) I normally dont shop online because I want instant gratification so this was an impulsive purchase, namely due to cyber Monday, when stores were offering holiday sales after Thanksgiving. It cost me 6 bucks (free shipping) and its from Forever21's men collection, but it was a buy one get one free offer....meaning I actually have two of the same hat.

I'll probably end up doing a giveaway because I don't need two of the same hat even though this is a neat piece to have as a way to add some extra interest to an outfit!

So, be alert for future style posts incorporating my new hat and for an upcoming giveaway.


Just leave them below.



Wednesday, December 7, 2011


                                                                                       denim jacket: crossroads ($16)
                                                                                       striped tank: crossroads ($5)
                                                                                       tan levi corduroy pant ($15)
                                                                                       wrangler desert boots ($15)
                                                                                       black leather bracelet (gift)
DENIM is one of the most versatile textiles and it comes in so many forms...jeans, shorts, shirts. BUT one of my favorite ways to wear denim is as a JACKET.

I think it can be paired with just about anything. Here I've chosen a striped tank and to prevent causing a denim overload, I opted out of wearing jeans and instead chose a tan corduroy. To finish the look off, I've got my easy to wear desert boots and a black leather bracelet.


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Joaquin U.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The "Grandpa" Sweater: An Easy Obsession

One of my latest OBSESSIONS is what I like to refer to as the "GRANDPA" sweater. It's been a go-to piece for me because it is insanely  warm/comfortable and goes with just about anything. I scored this one at my local salvation army for only $2 (can someone say DEAL?!) The patter has a lot of character...more than any solid color would have on its own, so all you have to do is toss it over your tee+jeans and your ready to go. 

If you are skeptical about the "grandpa" look because you feel like it might make you look a bit dated, consider tossing in some more youthful edge. Here I've chosen a basic baseball cap and/or some round frame sunglasses (who says you can't wear sunglasses with a sweater as long as there's bit of sun out?) By the way, both accessories cost me only $1 a piece (did I mention I love a good bargain?)

I think this is the beginning of a new sweater collection :)

TODAY'S WEAR: Embrace the Winter Season


THE BEST part about winter is that it gives people, even Californians like myself, a reason to bundle up. That means revisiting that scarf you abandoned over the summer and pairing it with your favorite tee. I purchased this black chunky knit scarf at Forever 21 for only $10 (Apparently, they sell men's clothing now, but most scarves are unisex anyhow..unless of course it has some crazy color scheme or cheetah print. Then, I advise guys to stay away). Winter also means playing around with textures. Instead of just doing a regular jean, I like to mix it up with corduroys like the black ones above. For shoes, I try to stick with something neutral...which is why I wear my dark camel colored dessert boots almost daily. FINALLY, why not top off your getup with a hat? (it provides further relief from the cold AND most importantly, it can cover up that bad case of bed-head you weren't able to fix during a rushed morning). 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

ART: Where passion and devotion take place

These are pictures I took over the summer when my brother and I decided to take an adventure. Our travels led us to the Riverside Art Museum. We ventured in and out of their galleries, inspecting the works mounted on the walls and sitting on the floor. It was all very ordinary. 

What impressed us more was where we headed next: A local Mexican food restaurant. The food was good, but even better was the owners hobby: Art. I didn't get a chance to speak to the artist, but If I had, I would ask him what his influences are. Although, it seems obvious to me that he has a knack for turning trash in to treasure, from his structures made of glass bottles to his statues made of old worn out toys.

Works like these are proof, to me at least, that art cannot be contained within an institution, but rather that art is everywhere there is passion and devotion to creating objects, places, culture that represent our surroundings through a unique lens. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm back

It's been several months since my last blog post. I'm not sure what caused me to stop. However, it's likely I just ran out of time, or stopped making time. I continue to have that problem--with time. There isn't enough of it. Or maybe I'm not spending it efficiently enough to feel satisfied with the expenditures of my days, weeks, months...

Anyhow, I'm back because I miss writing. I miss reflecting upon my days. Not that reflection doesn't occur when I don't write, but my thoughts tend to get compartmentalized in my head, until there are too many to keep track of and inevitably they get lost. This is a place for their safe keeping.

So, what's been happening lately? Well, no studio this semester! That means a lot more time on my hands...or so I thought that's what it would mean. I've discovered that I tend to overindulge in responsibilities! So that as the amount of my free time increases so does my capacity to fill it up with roles, tasks...WORK! It's really beyond me why I do this. I like to think it's a form of being ambitious.

Even the fact that I'm writing this blog is case in point. It's another activity to fill up my time!

I suppose there will always be SOMETHING to fill up time in our lives. What matters is that we are HAPPY with the way that time is SPENT.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Luz Azul

This is an excerpt from one of  my favorite songs called Luz Azul by Aterciopelados. I just like it.

ay, si se pone peluda la cosa
recuerde, la vida es color de rosa.
el cielo es azul,
el espacio esta lleno de luz.

si esta sobregirado,
si lo han amenazado,
si la enfermedad lo tiene desdibujado.
si el pelo le ha tomado,
si su rectitud han doblado,
si con la copa rota, la boca le ha sangrado

ay si se pone peluda la cosa recuerde
la vida es color de rosa, es color de rosa
y el cielo es azul,
el espacio esta lleno de luz.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A relentless flame
Immersed in solid earth
melting its core
corroding its existence

a plight for water
for a remedy
for the restoration
of a lansdcape less arid

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I took this photo in San Francisco (I forget which street...maybe somewhere near Broadway). The content may undoubtedly look like a pile of disconnected waste, and it may well be (value is relative), but the owner and maker of these items was offering them up for sale. She saw value in these belongings and, though they appear seemingly disorganized, treated them with a high degree of care.

Isn't that what an artist does? Produces matter which is subject to the criticisms of those who aren't necessarily connected with its personal development.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


world is calm
mind is shaking
ear plugs on
but nothing's playing

days end is near
the sky dims down
there's more to seek
when nothing's found