Wednesday, December 7, 2011


                                                                                       denim jacket: crossroads ($16)
                                                                                       striped tank: crossroads ($5)
                                                                                       tan levi corduroy pant ($15)
                                                                                       wrangler desert boots ($15)
                                                                                       black leather bracelet (gift)
DENIM is one of the most versatile textiles and it comes in so many forms...jeans, shorts, shirts. BUT one of my favorite ways to wear denim is as a JACKET.

I think it can be paired with just about anything. Here I've chosen a striped tank and to prevent causing a denim overload, I opted out of wearing jeans and instead chose a tan corduroy. To finish the look off, I've got my easy to wear desert boots and a black leather bracelet.


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Joaquin U.

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